How to contact me

In the first instance, please email:

Tell me what you are looking for, what year your son or daughter is in, and if they are following the foundation or higher curriculums. My focus is on years 7 to 11 (ages 11 to 16). And the curriculums I teach are KS3 (Key Stage 3) and GCSE, both foundation and higher. If you want a telephone chat, please include your phone number in the email and an indication of when it would be convenient to talk.

I only teach maths. Currently, I only teach online, but this could change in the future. I charge £25 for a one-hour lesson, and my clients normally pay me, by bank transfer, after each lesson.

FREE online test call

For new students, I like to arrange a free online test call, at a mutually agreed day and time, so we can check video and audio compatibility between our computers. And it's an opportunity for us to talk and for you to ask me any questions. There is no obligation and the test will only take 10 minutes.