General Certificate of Secondary Education

GCSE Higher Curriculum

Numbers: multiples, factors, primes, fractions, decimals, percentages, rounding, estimating, bounds, standard form.

Algebra: powers & roots, multiplying, factorising, manipulating surds, equations, formulas, solving quadratics, algebraic fractions, sequences, calculating & graphing inequalities, iteration, simultaneous equations, proof, functions.

Graphs: gradients, coordinates, ratios, parallel & perpendicular lines, harder graphs, transformations, applications of graphs.

Proportion: ratios, direct & inverse proportion, percentages, compound growth, unit conversion, speed, density, pressure.

Geometry: parallel lines, polygons, triangles & quadrilaterals, circle geometry, similarity & congruence, transformations, area, volume, enlargements, construction, bearings.

Trigonometry & pythagoras: pythagoras, trigonometry, sine & cosine rules, 3D pythagoras & trignometry, vectors.

Probability & statistics: outcomes, experiments, AND/OR rules, tree diagrams, conditional probability, sets & venn diagrams, sampling & bias, averages, frequency tables, box plots, histograms, time series, scatter graphs, data sets.